"At first I was skeptical to use a system using lightweight panels and hose clamps. I now have fences that are still tight 15 years after install. They are simple to use, very sturdy and can be packed into remote locations easier than any other system. I can install a complete H brace system ready to stretch off in 10 minutes. I choose to use Easy Fence H brace panels in areas prone to wildfire. I recently discovered the Rock Jacks by Easy Fence and have installed them with great success, They are well built and easy to construct."

Nick Natural Resource Specialist BLM Wenatchee Field Office

"We have been using Easy Fence Cattle guards for several years and are pleased with their performance. The company has been great to work with and they have modified the cattle guards to meet our requirements. The cattle guards are easy to install and have proved to be very durable"

Gary Schmidt South Dakota Trails Development Corp

""Easy Fence has enabled us to get lot's of good fence built in rough country. For us they fit the bill""

Tom Rietmann Land owner Oregon USA